Transgender support in Gloucestershire

Welcome to Gloscats

Are you gender variant in any way? Many labels and adjectives are used to describe aspects and degrees of gender variance, including 'transman', a 'transwoman', 'intersex' or 'transsexual' person.

Alternatively, are you close to someone who is gender variant?

Do you live, work in, or visit Gloucestershire or the surrounding area?

Are you looking for a safe and supportive environment in which you can be yourself and no-one will put you down?

If so, Gloscats may be for you.

We believe that it is unimportant how 'convincing' you look. We encourage you to believe in yourself so that the true, complete person within will shine through. You shall be gorgeous!

You are normal and have nothing to be ashamed of or to apologise for. There is no need to hide part of your true self behind a closed door and drawn curtains. We can introduce that part of you to the world outside in easy stages, until you can be who you are wherever you wish, amongst all the other normal people.