Gloscats Charitable Trust

We are a small charity set up in 2011 to support and operate alongside the Gloscats social networking bulletin board. We have agreed the following purposes:

  • To provide a social networking and support group for trans people, their partners, family members and friends in Gloucestershire, Bristol and surrounding areas.
  • To campaign locally for equal opportunity and consideration for trans people in the community.
  • To work in partnership with other organisations that support our purposes, including GIRES, the Gender Trust, Press For Change, the South-West Transgender Equality Network and other local transgender support groups.
  • To engage with key stakeholders in the public, private and voluntary sectors to raise awareness and educate their organisations on trans issues. These stakeholders include the police, health services and local government.
  • To help facilitate access to appropriate services for local trans people.
  • To reach out to under represented local groups within the transgender community (e.g. transmen, BME, young adults, people with disabilities).
    • To raise some funds to allow us to:

    • Develop and maintain a professional web site with a safe on-line social networking and discussion forum;
    • Organise and promote events to help trans people gain confidence in a public social environment;
    • Provide a peer support and advocacy service for local trans people;
    • Provide a support service for partners, family members (including young people), friends and allies.