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Gloucestershire County Council Equalities Team:
Gloucester City Council Housing Options and Homelessness Prevention Service:

NHS Gloucestershire Care Services:

Support & Information

Gloscats Social Support Group:
This is a locally based Yahoo group that organises a social programme to bring transgender people together at mainstream public venues and, occasionally, at members’ homes in a friendly, safe and supportive environment.
GIRES is a national charity that provides Information for transgender people, their families and the professionals who care for them
Gender Trust:
The Gender Trust is a national charity that provides a listening ear, caring support and an information centre for anyone with any question or problem concerning their gender identity, or whose loved one is struggling with gender identity issues
Gender Matters:
Covering the West Midlands and surrounding areas, Gender Matters provides a comprehensive programme of practical support, counselling, advice and information for anyone with any questions or problems concerning their gender identity, or whose loved one is struggling with gender identity issues.
Introducing 'Bernard': Birmingham LGBT’s New FTM Group:
The group offers a safe space for anyone (18 years and over) who is/was female-assigned/raised and who identifies as FTM, transmale, transgendered, transsexual, gender-questioning, genderqueer or gender variant. It offers the opportunity to meet and chat with other transguys, in a safe and friendly environment; to grab a tea/coffee, share experiences, and learn from other people. Please contact us using the following email address:
Swindon TG Group:
The Swindon TG Group is a local Transgender support group that exists in order to provide information and help to those who are either confused about gender or who are simply looking for a safe and friendly environment in which to ‘dress’ regardless of age, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity or any other totally irrelevant factor.
Gloscats FTM Support Group:
A FTM Support group at a private and quiet location. Contact us for more information on
Domestic abuse services for LGBT:
A Safer Bristol Partnership funded award to Next Link, working with the Diversity Trust, to improve access to domestic abuse services in the region for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans communities.ghhhggg


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NHS England Blog

Health and high quality care for all, now and for future generations. Regular series of on-line postings about NHS England’s work to improve gender identity services by Will Huxter
Reducing variation in gender identity services:
Improving communication about gender identity services:
We’re working to strengthen transgender links:
Focus on trans* equality highlights poor experience of trans people in daily lives:
Helping doctors respond to the needs of transgender people: